The Creative Committee

Hunt and Brew has always been about celebrating the creative community who inspires us.

We're pleased to collaborate with our Creative Committee to showcase emerging artists and creators.

Jarrad Seng

An accomplished Photographer and Filmmaker, Jarrad has spent over a decade honing his craft while working with the likes of Passenger, Angus and Julia Stone and Ed Sheeran to name a few.

Jarrad’s acumen for understanding creativity extends far beyond his own output. His experience as a Grants Officer for Propel Youth Arts and former judge for the WA Youth Awards will be invaluable in deciding which creatives will become recipients of Artists Grants through HAB Projects.

Rachel Claire

Rachel's work as a Photographer has been taking her to the far reaches of the world for over a decade, using her craft to tell the unheard stories of people, places and culture.

When not documenting the world through a lens, Rachel spends her time as both a writer and stylist, or relaxes with painting and drawing to channel any unspent creativity left in the tank.

Her work strives to bring real stories to life - and now as a member of HAB Projects creative committee, Rachel will be helping emerging artists share their stories through HAB Projects Artist Grants.


A familiar face and voice to Australian music fans for over 15 years, Illy has used his lyrical strength to champion hip hop and transform pop music through his solo work and collaborations with acts like G-Flip, Owl Eyes, Vera Blue, Hilltop Hoods and many others.

With 7 albums to his name, multiple ARIA Awards and over a decade of national touring, Illy is one of a select few who have proved to have the right mix of both talent and longevity to stay at the top of his game.

His own experiences as an artist, as well as his time working with producers, executives and other musicians in the industry provides Illy with the perfect lens to see the artistry and potential in our next crop of HAB Project Artists as our newest Creative Committee member.