Welcome to HAB Projects

A new funding initiative from Hunt and Brew, giving back to the creators and community who helped inspire us.

The HAB Projects Grant Program is designed to support artists and creative projects from various disciplines to gain funding for their next project. We're seeking those who have an artistic vision who need a helping hand bringing it into the world.

Our goal is simple; to provide financial support to the creative community that inspires us and shapes our world everyday.

who it's for

Fuelling Future Innovators

We're looking for future culture makers, creators, innovators and artists who need funding to bring their project to the world.

Hunt and Brew has always focused on craft and creativity, making great coffee to help fuel the hunt for what's next. Now we want to give back.

Looking to bring your idea into the world? You're in the right place.

How its awarded

The Creative Committee

An assembly of successful artists in their own right.

The Creative Committee is on a mission to elevate craft and creativity from the next generation of culture makers. They’re the decision makers of the HAB Projects grants and will be selecting the rightful recipients.

Their focus is on projects that epitomise commitment to craft and sparking a cultural impact.

How it's funded

Igniting Imagination, We Start with Fashion.

We wanted to understand the creative process firsthand, to bring our own passion project into the world.

So, HAB Official was born. A simple yet bold collection designed to turn heads. Premium clothing with a purpose to benefit a creative future.

100% of the revenue of HAB Official will go into the grant program, generating a fund for future creatives to launch their ideas.

What's next

An Eye on the Future

Our apparel line, HAB Official, is just the start of HAB Projects.

HAB Projects is more than a grant for artists, it's a platform for up-and-coming creatives to leave a mark on our collective culture.

We're excited to share this journey with the creatives in the world who continue to inspire us.