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General HAB Projects Info

What is it?

The HAB Projects Grant Program is a funding initiative that aims to support artists and creative projects in various artistic disciplines. Hunt & Brew is committed to supporting the
community it values by allocating all apparel revenue to the grants pool.

What's the goal?

The primary objective of HAB Projects is to provide financial support to artists and creative ventures that demonstrate artistic excellence, commitment to craft, innovation, and community impact.

Hunt and Brew is proud to be providing a platform for showcasing creativity in all its forms.

How is it funded?

Hunt & Brew has funded the production of the Reflections apparel line, donating 100% of revenue generated into the grants pool. The sales of this apparel line will be donated directly to the grant program for up and coming creatives to tap into.

Eligibility Criteria

What type of creatives or artistic disciplines should apply?

The project must fall within one or more of the following artistic disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, film, music, design, or other creative fields. This includes film or video clip shoot, gallery showcases & Events, rehearsal / recording studio hire, equipment hire, new technology, paints.

Who should apply?

The grants are open to individual artists, artist collectives, non-profit arts organisations, and community groups engaged in creative endeavours. Priority will be given to up and coming artists as opposed to well established and successful applicants.

Are there any residency requirements for applicants to take part?

The grants program is open to applicants from Australia and Singapore, where Hunt and Brew is sold, with plans to expand the impact in the future.

Can I apply multiple times?

Applicants can apply numerous times if they have different projects they would like to have considered by the Creative Committee.

Past recipients of HAB Projects grants are ineligible for the next two funding rounds.

Application Process

What should I include in my project proposal?

A detailed summary of the creative project covering the following (600 words max);

1) Summary of the project you are undertaking.

2) The outcomes & objectives.

3) The timeline of activity.

4) How will you promote the project?

Should I include a portfolio?

Applicants should provide a portfolio of previous work or a resume highlighting their artistic experience and achievements. Creatives should demonstrate strong dedication to their craft. This can be done by a link submission on the application page. We would recommend no more than 5 pages.

What do you mean by community or personal impact?

For community-oriented projects, applicants must outline how their project will engage and benefit the local community. For the funding of personal arts based projects please detail the impact the grant will have on that project.

Application Timeline

The HAB Projects Grants Program will have no more than two grant cycles per year. Specific dates for application submission, review period, and grant award announcements will be provided on this website.

Grant Round 1:

Submissions open: 01/10/2023

Submissions close: 30/11/2023

Awarded: Throughout February 2024

The grants timeline is subject to change at the discretion of HAB Projects and will be determined by quality and volume of entries received.

Selection Criteria

What is the Creative Committee looking for?

Applications will be assessed against 5 main criteria each with their own weighting;

1) Commitment to Craft / Quality (Weight 25%)

2) Impact (Weight 25%)

3) Strategic Reach (Weight 20%)

4) Effective Planning (Weight 15%)

5) Financial Responsibility (Weight 15%)

Commitment to Craft / Quality:

This pertains to the artistic and cultural significance of the project. Examples of past work, support from the sector and your history in the field contribute to demonstrating quality. The skills and experience of those involved, and their alignment with the project, also add to the assessment.


Impact encompasses both personal and community effects. Showcase how the grant influences your growth or transformation, and illustrate how the project positively affects the community. Whether on an individual level or in the broader context, impact is a key consideration.

Strategic Reach:

Demonstrate the reach and engagement potential of your project by providing information such as networking avenues, pertinent marketing strategies, participant numbers, and potential audience/market expansion.

Effective Planning:

This evaluates the practical considerations behind the project. Thoughtful planning is evident in meticulous preparations, realistic timelines, attainable goals, documented research or consultation, and a method of evaluation.

Financial Responsibility:

Financial responsibility evaluates budget management. Demonstrating efficient resource use, reasonable expenses, an accurate budget, and consideration of additional income sources showcases financial acumen. The project's self-sustaining aspect is also taken into account.


What are your delivery times?

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We aim for all orders to be dispatched within 48hrs of the order being placed.

How much will shipping cost?

Australian Orders

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Express Post is $15 for all other orders.

International Orders

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Can you provide worldwide shipping?


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My Order

How can I cancel my order?

If you've placed an incorrect order, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can rectify your issue before it's dispatched. We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours. Once an order has been dispatched it can't be cancelled.

Can I exchange items from my order?

The HAB Official Reflections range is extremely limited stock, so we can only offer exchanges if the desired item is still available. We recommend reviewing your order carefully before checkout. If the item you want to exchange is in stock, we'll be happy to assist you. For further assistance, please contact our customer support.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds for faulty items?

Of Course! Please get in touch with us if you feel your item is faulty. Please share photos of the item you've received so we can help as much as possible.